S.No. Date Activity Type  Program Name YouTube Link
    1. 19/04/2021 IIC Calendar Activity IIC Council Meeting Q3 https://youtu.be/pT3Ql5YiSCs
    2. 26/04/2021 MIC Driven Activity Why IP is Important in Academia? https://youtu.be/g1LIKtOVRRw
    3. 23/04/2021 MIC Driven Activity From your Ph.D./ Master’s Thesis to a Startup https://youtu.be/bS-0WbeLzFc
    4. 28/04/2021 IIC Calendar Activity How to Plan Start-up and Legal and Ethical Steps https://youtu.be/SDNYGbDvf-g
    5. 28/04/2021 Self- Driven Activity Government Schemes for Start-up and Qualities to become a Successful Entrepreneur https://youtu.be/z0xwjyESUFc
    6. 29/04/2021 IIC Calendar Activity IPRs and IP Management for Start-up https://youtu.be/nD3uDgODAuE
    7. 01/05/2021 IIC Calendar Activity Interactive Session with Successful Start-up Founders https://youtu.be/ZBg01j7aKwo
    8. 05/05/2021 IIC Calendar Activity Orientation on Innovation https://youtu.be/26QitoGNXiY
    9. 07/05/2021
& 08/05/2021
IIC Calendar Activity Student to Entrepreneurial Journey https://youtu.be/rocbGsLQK3E
    10. 11/05/2021 &
IIC Calendar Activity Discovering the Innovativeness in Youth https://youtu.be/D-6w4ls5iOY
    11. 07/05/2021
to 21/05/2021
Self- Driven Activity Data Analytics for Innovation Research https://youtu.be/Epb6rPdoGIk
12. 22/05/2021 IIC Calendar Activity IIC Council Meeting Q4 https://youtu.be/fIjE6h0Or5s
    13. 26/05/2021 IIC Calendar Activity Lean Start-up and Minimum Viable Product https://youtu.be/VTX1Opdr-4s
    14. 27/05/2021 Self- Driven Activity Stay Focused: Be on Track https://youtu.be/8lN0prWDtIs
15. 31/05/2021 IIC Calendar Activity Orientation on Innovation https://youtu.be/tbsQCtVWtj0
    16. 02/06/2021 Self- Driven Activity Ideas for Start-up Funding https://youtu.be/xqfYoINIvuo
    17. 03/06/2021 IIC Calendar Activity Communication skill https://youtu.be/jCTONdqho_w
    18. 09/06/2021 Self- Driven Activity Leadership in Startup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVueNw9nYmE
    19. 15/06/2021 IIC Calendar Activity Webinar on Opportunities on Venture Capital Funding for Building Entrepreneurs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTxozJtW7vA
    20. 16/06/2021 Self- Driven Activity Ideathon  2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0Bi9NX4NAE
    21. 17/06/2021 Self- Driven Activity International Webinar on Startup From Ideation  to Product Validation https://youtu.be/GpFTSHZORKM
   22. 18/06/2021 Self- Driven Activity International Webinar On Entrepreneurial Managerial Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gTTJVrP94g
   23. 19/06/2021 IIC Calendar Activity Building On Innovation/Product Fit For Market https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsQxwU-HbCA
   24. 23/06/2021  Self- Driven Activity Product Promotion Idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CNNf58cy_8
   25. 28/07/21 &


Self- Driven Activity International Conference On Innovations In Distruptive Technologies https://youtu.be/4qh2RR2_ZEA
   26. 07/08/2021 Self- Driven Activity Orientation On Start Up Internship
    27. 11/08/2021 MIC Driven Activity National Webinar On Research,Innovation & Ranking https://youtu.be/6niixmNnRuk
    28. 24/08/2021 MIC Driven Activity Entrepreneurship In Campus
    29. 28.09.2021 IIC Calendar Activity Storytelling – A Way to Communicate Business Ideas https://youtu.be/ghImFA2AD_E
    30. 11.10.2021 Impact lecture series How to build a Start-Up & Opportunities for start-up entrepreneur in post covid world https://youtu.be/qKFYfD5Nnfs