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Welcome To Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Devasthanam and Charities

The Management Committee of the S.K.P.D & Charities founded Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Arts and Science College for Women to promote Women’s Education in 1999. The institution believes in motivating the student community by inculcating value system in them, through 3P’s i.e Perseverance, Performance and Progress. The Institution has completed 21 successful years of experience in the field of education. In 22 years of SKPC, 7541 number of students has passed out successfully and 461 students have secured University Top Ten Ranks. The institution offers 12 UG, 3 PG, one M.Phil. and one Ph.D.(Part time & Full time) Programme. The Institution is affiliated to the University of Madras. The curriculum is formulated and framed by the University of Madras (CBCS Pattern-Choice Based Credit System) to enhance and enrich students’ knowledge in different disciplines. The institution is accredited by NAAC and is also ISO Certified.

Principal’s Message

The aim and objective of the charities is to give quality education, excellent coaching in curricular, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to girls, so as to infuse self-confidence and courage in the minds of young girls who are the future makers of our country. The college aims at producing talented young women in all spheres.The College has been producing good results with University Ranks every year right from its inception.

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SKPC is always engaged in conducting Seminars, Workshops, Competitions in Academic, Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities to enhance the overall personality of our students. SKPC Media showcases these activities in our college youtube channel.

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” wdo_author_avatar=”8377″][vc_carousel_testimonial wdo_testimonial_style=”style1″ wdo_author_name=”VISION” wdo_test_text=”To make up wholesome development in every single women, to become a better human being thus contributing service towards self, family and society through education to face the challenges of the world.” wdo_text_color=”#ffffff” wdo_author_avatar=”3790″][vc_carousel_testimonial wdo_testimonial_style=”style1″ wdo_author_name=”MISSION” wdo_test_text=”To inculcate positive changes, values and discipline in women and facilitate them to transform from within to become transcendental through perseverance performance and progress.” wdo_author_avatar=”3792″][/vc_carousel_parent]
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