Best Practices

Best Practices for 2019-2020

Best Practice 1:

Title: Research Publication for Advance Learners and Mini Research Project for Teaching Fraternity.

CONTEXT: Publication Publication serves the important purpose of letting the work or ideas known to others. Publishing a paper is an important parameter and evidence of one’s awareness, knowledge, thought – process on the subject. A published paper becomes part of professional identity and helps distinguish from other academicians. In the academic year 2019 – 2020 SKPC took an initiative to provide a platform to the advance learners of all the departments by publishing their research papers with ISBN numbers. 28 students published papers in language, 30 in Commerce, 31 in Science and 22 in Arts Management. This offers the advance learners an opportunity to participate in a ‘professional’ process. It enables students to meet deadlines, organize, collaborate, and demonstrate responsibility, in addition to making them feel confident about their work and how to showcase it. Research and Development The staff were also motivated to do minor projects which was funded by the Management and also couple of private bodies, publish paper in journals, present research papers in conferences and also publish books in their respective area of interest. The Management has funded an amount of Rs.1, 13,200/- for minor projects and Global Software funded Rs. 45,000, PACE builders funded Rs. 25,000, etc.


TITLE: Entrepreneurship platform UPADHI and Innovation ecosystem ADYAYAN Incubation cell.

CONTEXT: Toencourage, inspire nurture entrepreneurship among the students the concept called ‘Upadhi’ came into existence and was inaugurated by Ms. Malathi Lakshman, playback singer. This provides an opportunity to the students to exhibit and enhance their entrepreneurship Skills. The students put stalls after the college hours and have a hand on experience. B.Com (Hons.) students put various stalls like Food, Clothes, Jewellery etc., on working days. Apart from this, stalls were put up in the name of SKPC – UPAADHI for 10 days during Navarthiri celebration in the Kanyaka Parameswari temple premises. The stalls were of food, Fashion Designing items, Paper Bag, Pooja items, Detergent items, Beauty Accessories, Sarees and dresses, Healthy Food items and Games. The total sales was for Rs. 1, 11, 682/-. INCUBATION CENTER ‘Adyayan’ Incubation center is essential in todays’ competitive fast changing world, was started in the academic year 2019 – 2020 by Dept. of Computer Science – Shift – I to enable the students to get first hands on experience on e-services, app development etc. Through the Incubation center students and staff get an opportunity to innovate, in entrepreneurship driven activities while nurtured and encouraged by management. Ms. B. Maidhili, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Computer Science has completed her research project titled ‘What Next’ Mobile application This mobile application provides awareness on career-oriented courses to all the students. This app lists out add-on courses and certificate courses along with career opportunities.